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5 Reasons Why We Videotape Depositions

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Attorneys will often attempt to keep the costs of litigation low, and  to do this they will sometimes skip out on important tasks. One of these important tasks is the need to videotape depositions taken.  Many experts have taken on videotaping depositions to the point where it seems to be common knowledge now that if you’re unwilling to go to the expense of videotaping a person’s deposition, that person’s deposition must not be critical enough to take. As court reporters, we want to make sure that we report every detail and what better way to report a real-time occurrence than by using video equipment. Here, we want to list the benefits of videotape depositions and why it is such a great tool to record your court hearings.

Sense Of Tone

Reading depositions out loud to a jury can not allow for emphasis to be made, or if made incorrectly, objections can be raised if the person reading the transcript uses an inflection as an attempt to emphasize certain words. Videotaping depositions allows a jury to see what the person is like, their tone, any nervous habits, and facial expressions. It is clear what the person said, and exactly how they said it, leaving no room for misinterpretation. All of these directly affect the witness’s credibility and this is one reason it is important to videotape depositions.

Ability to Playback

In addition, videotaping a deposition allows for critical portions of the video footage to be trimmed and played in segments during the mediation or pre-trial.  This can dramatically affect the value of the case during the mediation, and it can also help to assist the court in determining legal issues at pre-trial. Playing short clips of footage from videotaped depositions can be extremely effective in making points throughout the trial.


We are not saying that typing up dispositions in a court hearing is not useful, but when it comes to video deposition, we can now see and hear what a witness says and, in the future, replay it. A videotaped deposition provides a heightened level of effort and preparedness on your part and shows the defense and the court that you are methodically preparing to put your best foot forward at trial.

At California Deposition Reporters, video depositions are one of the tools we use in our court reporting. When you hire us for your deposition services, recognize that in addition to transcribing real-time information, we will use video to record everything that occurs in your court hearings at the finest detail. Don’t hire amateurs who may mess up your court case. Hire California Deposition Reporters.

Atmosphere Change in Deposition

The atmosphere within which a videotape deposition is taken is a lot different from that of a normal deposition. The atmosphere in the videotape deposition setting is typically more formal, intense, and more like the atmosphere in an actual courtroom where a judge and jury will be present.
The opposite party can also be prepared with a videotape deposition. The following factors should be considered in your decision-making process. Obviously, some of the above considerations might persuade you that a videotape deposition would not be a good strategy.

It Shows You Are Prepared

Preparation leaves a good footprint when being videotaped. It shows that you put in effort to put your best foot forward. When you are evaluating a claim, this can be very effective. Videotaping a deposition is one of the essentials to present a case at trial. When you are choosing an attorney, you need to consider hiring someone who is a veteran trial lawyer. They can have experience in presenting cases to juries. A good rule of thumb for preparing is to spend about 3 hours prepping for every hour of deposition. Answer the questions, never take guesses, and listen carefully to the questions being asked.

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