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California Deposition Reporters is headquartered in Stockton, California. We serve the Central Valley cities to include Auburn, Sacramento, Lodi, Stockton, Manteca, Tracy, and the Dublin, Livermore and Pleasanton and Bay areas and beyond. We have four complementary conference rooms.

We provide exceptional service to our clients. We have been providing timely, high-quality deposition and trial services to the legal community for decades. As a full-service agency, we put together the court reporters seeking work from lawyers and the lawyers seeking court reporting services. We have on-site document OCRing, photocopy services, record production, online scheduling, snail mail scheduling, email scheduling, document depositories videoconference depositions, real-time reporting, full text, and video streaming.

California Deposition Reporters will schedule interpreting or videotape services as requested.

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California Deposition Reporters is an owner-operated firm with experience in professional liability cases in a variety of venues covering every spectrum of the legal profession. We have experience in professional negligence cases, product liability, employment law, asbestos, medical and legal torts, government bodies and more.

We pride ourselves by working with highly-skilled independent contractors who provide flexible delivery options on complex litigation and civil trials using leading-edge technology. Independent contractors have access to case information prior to the start of a job, such as witness word lists and exhibits on depositions and trials covered by CalDep.

We work well with competing firms to facilitate the sharing of information in order to provide the litigants with a transparent sharing of word lists. These same word lists are available to clients to provide to other court reporting firms working on depositions or trials.

Client on-line access gives them immediate 24/7 access to online scheduling, transcript and exhibit repositories, word lists, condensed transcripts with and without linked exhibits and their calendar, invoices and witness lists.

We have been providing timely, quality deposition reporting services to the legal community for decades. In addition to Stockton Court Reporters, we offer Stockton court reporting services to the legal community such as on-site professional staff. Faxing and photocopy services, record production, Internet scheduling of depositions, document depositories, videotape depositions, real-time reporting, document scanning.

Our Team

Dennis Peyton

Dennis Peyton


Dennis received his CSR license in January of 1975 and went to work as an official court reporter until 1987. In 1988 he became a partner in California Deposition Reporters. Dennis continues his professional development by being a member of professional organizations. Dennis’ experience in the court reporting field is extensive, reporting matters from simple to complex. Dennis’ emphasis in his career and his interest in technology have advanced both his reporting and office management streamlining and modernization.

Megan Green

Megan Green


Megan Green is our office manager at California Deposition Reporters. She has worked for this company for almost 12 years and has held the manager position for 8. Megan is a graduate of Humphreys College for court reporting. Her duties at CDR include calendaring, bookkeeping, and scheduling all depositions.

Barbara Peyton

Barbara Peyton

Vice President

Barbara graduated from Del Oro High School in June of 1969. After attending Sierra College, she attended Heald’s College for court reporting, then switched to Argonaut Court Reporting School and obtained her CSR license in 1973. Barbara started her career with Sacramento Deposition Reporters and then moved to San Joaquin County working with Official Court Reporters and then became a partner in that firm. In 1987 she became a partner in California Deposition Reporters. Barbara’s experience is vast and covers the simple to the complex. She maintained her professional career by being involved in various associations and continues her professional development through continuing education in the field.

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