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Advantages of a Real Court Reporter

admin - November 13, 2020 - 0 comments

California Deposition Reporters

With the advancement of technology and increasing COVID-19 policies, more and more people are looking to video to solve their problems. While video conferencing has come a long way, it doesn’t totally eliminate the need for a court reporter.

Real Court Reporter

First of all, a qualified party must identify you before giving sworn testimony. A deposition is the sworn oral testimony of a witness in a court proceeding. To ensure this testimony is truthful, one must make a sworn statement. For this reason, it is necessary that the witness is properly identified by a qualified party. A real court reporter or notary can perform this task. While you can conduct your deposition over the phone or on video, it is still necessary to have someone in person who can confirm your identity.

A real time court reporter can also provide a transcript of the proceedings and testimonies thereof. This is especially useful as once drafted and sealed, the document cannot be altered or modified. In the age of digital video, it is possible to not only edit out certain portions of the testimony, but there are certain technologies that can actually recreate and/or modify a person’s face and voice. This is especially dangerous in sensitive cases, where reports must preserve details in order to protect due process.

Real Time Court Reporting vs Digital Court Reporting

Another advantage a human court reporter has over video or audio alone is their ability to exercise judgment about the clarity of the spoken word. They can ask witnesses to speak up or repeat things that may have been unclear in a recording. They also have experience and know what to look for when transcribing the court proceedings. If a witness has a particularly strong accent or speech difficulty, the court reporter can ensure the quality of the transcript, rather than leaving it to the interpretation of whoever is listening or watching the video capture.

While software programs may be able to provide audio transcription for things like YouTube videos, they simply do not have the ability to provide accurate reporting in a sensitive legal case. Every word matters in a legal case, and it is essential to make sure they are recorded and interpreted properly. Real time court reporting also have the skills to ask for clarifications when jargon or colloquialisms are used. This minimizes the risk of interpretive ambiguity when it comes to reviewing the statements made in a deposition or court proceeding.

Real Time Court Reporter and Technology

This does not mean a court reporter won’t use video or audio recording equipment at all. These tools are helpful and can provide supporting evidence and context. Using technology alone is where risk can come in. The only way to get a real-time translation of testimony is through the use of a court reporter. This is additionally useful in that the transcript is available just after the court proceedings. Digital reporters can take much longer to deliver a transcript, and it may not be as accurate or useful as a real-time stenographic report.

Choose California Deposition Reporters for Your Case

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