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California Deposition Reporters is an owner-operated firm. Our experience includes a variety of venues. Our experience comes from many years of California court reporting experience as well as the deposition arena. We have served clients in a wide variety of professional negligence cases, product liability and government bodies, such as The State of California Senate Energy Investigation. We have done a variety of complex litigation cases. Now covering Civil Trials.

Audio Transcription Services California

We provide audio transcription services of audio recordings from just about any media. Audio recordings do not provide the visual cues one get when present for the event, such as who the speakers are in the room, the added visual cues one get by being present when speakers change and a whole host of other visual cues that assist with a verbatim record. The source material for audio recordings is endless.  Today we have digital and analogue file sources to create as a part of our transcription services for California.

We have hearings of all kinds that are recorded with electronic recording, some digital and some analogue.  The other sources come from cell phones, videotaped trials, audiotaped trials, government hearings, board of supervisor hearings, board meetings, police interviews or interrogations, witness statements, government hearings for licensing agencies – it really is an inexhaustible source of recordings. These recordings can be invaluable during court proceedings.

The process can be very time consuming.   If the proceedings are orderly, the sound quality is good, the court reporter can process the audio file quickly.  However, the speed of any audio transcription services varies widely depending on the quality of the recording, whether there are overlapping conversations, background noise or ambient noise that impedes the ability of the court reporter to translate that spoken word into a printed record.  If the clarity isn’t good from the audio source, that adds to the complexity of preparing a written transcript.

There are software packages that allow the court reporters to listen to a variety of audio formats, of which there are many. The file determination is based on the file size and the amount of compression desired, utilizing a codec which determines the file size. There are many open file formats used with Windows.

MP3 –  The MPEG Layer-3 format is the most popular format for downloading and storing music. Other file formats are OGG, GSM, DCT. The DCT file is designed for dictation.

Audio transcription services player.  FLAC – which is a lossless compression codec. The list of audio files is big and the details are many to describe the various types of files used for audio recordings.

There are also proprietary formats.  WMA is a popular Windows Media Audio format. It is designed with Digital Rights Management (DRM) for copy-protected files.

AAC – Advanced Audio Coding format is based on the MPEG4 audio standard owned by Dolby.  A copy-protected version of this format was developed by Apple for music downloaded from their itunes Music Store.  There are many proprietary formats such as ATRAC (.WAV), RA – a Real Audio format designed for streaming audio over the Internet.

RAM is a text file that contains a link to an Internet address where the Real Audio files is stored.  DSS – Digital Speech Standard files are an Olympus proprietary format.  MSV is a Sony proprietary format for memory stick compressed voice files.   DVF is a Sony proprietary format for compressed voice files used on Sony’s dictation recorders.

There are other formats, ATRAC, .OMA, .OMG, .ATP – a newer style proprietary format designed for minidisc use.  It is similar to MP3 and only useful when you are reading files from minidiscs or writing for minidiscs.

MID – the MIDI files is not an audio file format, it is just a list of musical notes which a synthesizer can play.  APE – is a file format from Monkey’s Audio that claims to provide 50% compression without loss in audio quality.

There are of course a lot of file formats that are way too numerous to mention here.  The typical transcription is accomplished quickly and efficiently by the court reporter getting the media and putting it in a computer so that they can listen to and, utilizing their court reporting machine and software, translate the audio file into a written record.

The old adage “garbage in, garbage out” is used to express the idea that if the information is garbage to start out with, meaning poor audio quality, too much background noise, overlapping conversations that make it impossible to transcribe, the end product likely will not be quality oriented.

The trained court reporter professional brings a level of talent to the audio transcription services of audio files to a higher level. Their training and expertise in providing transcription in so many fields gives them a knowledge base and diversity from their many and varied professional assignments to deal with the simple or the most complex of transcription assignments. Their professional training and vast word knowledge set them apart from a transcriptionist.  The court reporters transcribe on their machines at the speed of conversation, providing accurate and expedient transcription to our clients.

The quick turnaround of product is our goal. Our court reporters deliver when our clients need it delivered. The court reporters work quickly and efficiently to meet our clients’ needs. If there’s a need for an immediate transcription, or any deadline, please give us a call and we will provide the transcription when it’s needed. In addition to our audio California transcription services, we also offer California Court Reporters.