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Benefits of Video Depositions

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Benefits of Video Depositions

Court reporting used to be done only with a typewriter and a good set of skills from the reporter. Today, while using transcript devices are still great tools, we know we can use other tools to report the actions of the judge, the jury, and other parties in court. Video depositions are one of those tools and a great tool at that. As court reporters, we want to make sure that we report every detail and what better way to report a real-time occurrence than by using video equipment. Here, we want to list the benefits of video depositions and how it is such an awesome tool to record your court hearings.

Provides Better Presentations

Benefits of Video DepositionsWe are not saying that the continuous use of writing transcripts in a court hearing is no use. In fact, they still are. But when it comes to video deposition, we can now see and hear what a witness says and, in the future, replay it. There was a time when a litigator would have to read the transcripts and find inconsistencies on a witness testimony. Not any longer. A witness can speak in court for everyone to hear and a video deposition can record them clearly. For video to provide a better presentation, in addition to having well-written transcripts in place, you know that all grounds will be covered. In the end, this will leave a great impression on a judge and jury.

They Are At The Forefront of Technology

Regardless of one’s opinion of technology today, it isn’t going anywhere. We need to use it if we want to become efficient in our work as court reporters. With video depositions, we can provide video teleconferencing and streaming services for your court hearings. If things are misunderstood through the words of a witness or litigator, we use video depositions to replay the footage.

They Are Cost Effective

One of the best benefits of video depositions is that they save expenses compared to a live expert testimony. When it comes to the budget between the two, live expert testimony can cost up to a few thousand dollars whereas video depositions can range from a few hundred dollars. This is a huge difference in cost and is making recordings of courts that much easier. Soon we will have perfected speech to text and deposition reporting will be taken to a whole new level.


At California Deposition Reporters, video depositions are one of the tools we use in our court reporting. When you hire us for your deposition services, recognize that in addition to transcribing real-time information, we will use video to record everything that occurs in your court hearings at the finest detail. Don’t hire amateurs who may mess up your court case. Hire California Deposition Reporters.



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