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The Cal Dep Difference

  • Experienced Realtime Court Reporters
  • Last Minute Scheduling
  • Secure Online Office, Scheduling and Document Repository
  • Personal service that meets or exceeds our clients’ needs.
  • Our best assets are our clients. Our mission is to provide professional services that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • We believe the difference between the competition and Cal Dep are the court reporters we work with. Their personal commitment to excellence is unparalleled.
  • The professionalism and congeniality the office provides clients is yet another reason to choose Cal Dep.

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California Deposition Reporters is an owner-operated firm. Our experience includes a variety of venues. Our experience comes from many years of California court reporting experience as well as the deposition arena. We have served clients in a wide variety of professional negligence cases, product liability and government bodies, such as The State of California Senate Energy Investigation. We have done a variety of complex litigation cases. Now covering Civil Trials.

California Court Reporting Services

For over 35 years, California Deposition Reporters has provided high-quality, real-time court reporting services of uncompromising quality through its court reporters’ utilization of the latest technology providing fast, accurate and timely transcripts. The court reporters that work with us have experience in all areas of litigation practice areas, including, but not limited to, medical malpractice, commercial finance, construction defect, employment, personal injury, government investigations, hearings, arbitration, civil trials, hearings and more.

From court reporting, interpreting, real-time court reporter services, trial and hearing court reporters, California Deposition Reporters assists our clients in making smarter, more efficient choices. Using the latest technology, we offer online and mobile access to our clients’ cases.

Our mission is to provide clients with a seamless experience from our exceptional service to our commitment to the most up-to-date litigation technologies and utilization of a 24/7 web-based access to not only our clients’ transcripts and exhibits, but also to scheduling, calendar, billing and payment.

Our Court Reporting Services

Below you will find a list of some of our California Court Reporting Services including local court reporters.

Highly Experienced Court Reporters

Above all, the court reporters we work with have extensive on-the-job experience and provide exceptional service with professionalism.

Video Capabilities

We provide video services for legal video depositions.

Interpreting Services

Interpreters also bridge the language barrier between English-speaking parties and those who are non-English speaking.


In addition, California Deposition Reporters covers  local,  statewide and nation-wide depositions.

Real-time Transcription

The court reporters we work with are experienced real-time court reporters that also provide high-quality real-time translation and in addition, make the process of real-time interaction seamless for depositions, trials, hearings, arbitrations.

Video & Web Videoconferencing

Make every deposition local. A quality experience that saves time and money. High-definition video whether via a video-conference room or sent to our clients’  laptop or smart device. Our comprehensive remote deposition choices provide quick, simple, and reliable connections.

Remote Real-time Text Streaming

We can stream the real-time text to remote locations providing remote access by expert witnesses, attorneys, clients, adjusters, co-counsel, clients with interactive chat windows for each remote attendee.

Remote Video Streaming

We can stream the video and audio, with or without real-time text, to remote locations allowing expert witnesses, attorneys, clients, adjusters to attend the deposition.

Streaming Services

Streaming services include audio, video and real-time text to remote locations.  We can also stream to LiveNote, TextMap, or any other transcript management software.

Online Scheduling & Repository

Our web-based online office allows for 24/7 access to manage the case process from deposition through trial.   One click will schedule a court reporter for deposition, trial, hearings or arbitrations, a videographer, interpreter services, or a conference room.  Following the deposition, trial, hearing, or arbitration,  securely-stored transcripts with hyper-linked exhibits can be accessed online.

Trial & Hearing Services

From deposition through trial, the court reporters we work with report our clients’ matters during discovery and into the courtroom.  Having the same court reporter(s) at trial provides familiarity and continuity of the record, providing the same high-quality product when producing daily transcripts, excerpts, and real-time services.

Hearings, arbitrations, mediations of any variety are covered in the same fashion as discovery and trials.  We offer the same California Court Reporting Services for our hearings as we do for depositions or trials by the same reporting professionals we work with.

Full Litigation Support

We provide electronic transcript files in a wide variety of formats, ASCII, AMICUS, E-Trans, PDF, Word, hyper-linked-exhibit files that are searchable, mobile transcripts that work better on browsers and mobile devices, word lists, word indexes, and trial word indexes.   Also, we can convert .pst files to PDF files for better file management.

Audio Transcription

We provide audio transcription from digital or analog sources, texts, emails, interview files, tape-recorded statements, hearings, trials, investigative reports and videotape to written, searchable transcripts.

Complimentary Conference Rooms

We have four conference rooms which are complimentary for depositions, arbitrations, mediations and hearings.  Our conference rooms are located just a short distance off of I-5.   Also, we have ample free parking with our California Court Reporting Services.  The Hilton Hotel is right next door.  There are other hotels within a short distance.  In addition, there are many eating establishments within close proximity to our office.


Overall, we provide exceptional court reporting services to our clients. We have been providing timely, high-quality deposition and trial services to the legal community for decades. As a full-service agency, we put together the court reporters seeking work from lawyers and the lawyers seeking court reporting services. Therefore, we have been providing timely, quality deposition reporting services to the legal community for decades. We offer Stockton court reporting services to the legal community such as on-site professional staff. Faxing and photocopy services, record production, Internet scheduling of depositions, document depositories, videotape depositions, real-time reporting, document scanning.

Our team of experts are happy to offer the cutting-edge services it takes to set the stage for a seamless, effective, and productive deposition reporting. If you have any questions on the additional court reporting services we offer, please contact us via the California Deposition Services Contact page and we’ll be happy to answer your inquiry, or please do not hesitate to give us a call at  (209) 478 3377. Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about the court reporting process and our court reporting services, the blog has information you may find valuable.