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Considering Remote Video Deposition Services

admin - June 14, 2019 - 0 comments

Video conferencing is changing the way lawyers are able to participate in the deposition process without having to travel. Video chat is utilized by people all over the world while attorneys travel all over the country to conduct depositions in person. Utilizing current technology allows us to to attend remote depositions without the need for travel anymore. Here are some reasons to utilize our Remote Video Deposition Services.

Our Remote Video Deposition Services software runs inside a web browser so using our services is easier than ever because you don’t have to install any software. Our clients can link participants together who are on a variety of devices, for instance, they can be in the video conference room or on a computer, smartphone or a tablet and it will all be transmitted in high-definition video. Our software also allows us to record the video conference directly to a DVD during the conference so a video can be kept on record.

Attorneys will often attempt to keep the costs of litigation low, and  to do this they will sometimes skip out on important tasks. One of these important tasks is the need to videotape depositions taken.  Many experts have taken on videotaping depositions to the point where it seems to be common knowledge now that if you’re unwilling to go to the expense of videotaping a person’s deposition, that person’s deposition must not be critical enough to take. As court reporters, we want to make sure that we report every detail and what better way to report a real-time occurrence than by using Remote Video Deposition Services equipment.

Not all court reporters are equally qualified, and the team at California Deposition Reporters has decades of experience and professionalism. We have said that court reporters need to be professional, but we believe it has to be stated again. We always want our reporters to be proud of the role, to do the best job that they can do for their clients. We believe that if we have our court reporters do a great job, they will feel a sense of pride and confidence in the work. Our team of experts are happy to offer the cutting-edge technology it takes to set the stage for a seamless, effective, and productive remote deposition. If you are interested in learning more about California Deposition Reporters’ remote deposition services, please do not hesitate to give us a call at  (209) 478 3377.

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