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Four Characteristics of Top Court Reporters in California

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When it comes to court reporting in California, it is the opinion that these professionals only sit down to type up transcripts, send it in and call it a day.

However, top court reporters take their career and skill very seriously and develop certain characteristics to be the best in their field.

They do their very best in providing accurate and clear reporting that is free from prejudice and bias.

Essentially, it is their job to assist attorneys by presenting information in a favorable manner at all times.

In this post, we will talk about the four main characteristics that all top court reporters in California possess.

court reporters in californiaHaving A Professional Appearance

The top court reporters in California always present themselves in a professional manner throughout the legal process.

Although attorneys would want their court reporters to feel relaxed during proceedings, they don’t expect them to dress casually.

Court reporters who possess an excellent reputation in the California law field always dress in well-chosen business attire.

They realize that dressing in a business wardrobe during depositions is a skill in and of itself.

Having A Professional Attitude

This is one of the most important characteristics of the top court reporters in California. They leave their emotions out of the courts.

They realize having prejudice and bias towards certain criminals is unprofessional in their field.

Top court reporters possess an unbiased personality that’s iron-clad. It helps them to focus on getting their deposition services done in a professional manner at all times.

Having The Technical Skills For Court Reporting

The court reporter that possesses the right education and knowledge in California state laws and procedures will always be desirable.

It is no surprise finding top court reporters having the right form of training can prove to be difficult.

A top court reporter must be skillful in stenography, electronic recordings, and voice writing to produce real-time audio recordings and word for word recordings of a proceeding.

Having Flexibility

Finally, top court reporters are very flexible in the schedule to perform last-minute depositions.

Regardless of their current situation, they will go the extra mile to retrieve important information that will help the attorney strengthen his or her case.


Now that you know the four characteristics of the top court reporters in California, you should hire our top court reporters at CalDep for your proceedings.

To learn more about our court reporting services, please click here as well as contact us at (209) 478 3377 if you have any court-related questions.

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