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deposition servicesWhen it comes to court reporting and video deposition services in California, the majority of a court reporter’s time and activity takes place at the law firm’s conference room consisting both the witness and an attorney. Before moving on, let us define the meaning of deposition and how it relates to court reporting.

The Deposition Process

According to, “A deposition is the taking of an oral statement of a witness under oath, before trial. It has two purposes: To find out what the witness knows, and to preserve that witness’ testimony. The intent is to allow the parties to learn all of the facts before the trial, so that no one is surprised at trial”.

When a witness meets with a lawyer outside of the courtroom, he or she is sworn to give truthful information. This information can help eliminate any surprises when the lawyer is questioning the witness during the hearing.  The deposition process is a question and answers session between the opposing counsel and the witness to learn more about the case. The court reporter’s job is to record the testimony with a stenograph machine and then create a written document to be later used at trial.

Why Videotape A Deposition

When an attorney converses with a witness, they would like to preserve the witness’ testimony before going to trial. In doing so, they will have a court reporter videotape the deposition. Another reason why an attorney would videotape a deposition is that it can save them time and money. An attorney always wants to cover all grounds with a witness to make sure their testimony is truthful and un-waivered.

An Example of Video Deposition Services

When the jury watches the video of a witness, not only do they hear their statement, but they can also see their body language and eye movements to determine if they are telling the truth. Video deposition services also help to keep the jurors engaged in the trial which, in the end, will lead to the correct verdict. Having a court reporter only to use a written transcript will bore the jurors during the most critical part of the trial.


At California Deposition Reporters, we use court reporting and video deposition services to assist attorneys and witnesses to make better testimonies.  As the witness is testifying truthfully at trial, it should have the jurors make a better decision when it comes to the verdict.


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