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A “Litigation support company” is a very broad term for the numerous tools available to assist with the management of transcripts and exhibits.  Court reporters have joined the law profession in the management of information.  Court reporters provide only a portion of the data to be managed.  There was a time when the ASCII disk was one of the few tools available to be used for managing transcripts.  The ability to link the exhibits to the transcript has changed the ability of court reporters to assist in the management of information.  (ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange)

Exhibits are now scanned, OCR’d (OCR – Optical Character Recognition) and linked to the text file to view and search.  The copy of exhibits is no longer a bitmap, but a searchable document linked in the transcript for viewing or searching.  Gone are the coding days where an exhibit was coded and added to a searchable database for titles, dates, authors, keywords.

Exhibits are attached via a hyperlink in the deposition transcript.  The exhibit appears in the transcript as a highlighted color.  The exhibit can be opened in the transcript by clicking on the highlight.  The pdf exhibits are attached as a separate file to the transcript.  The linking of exhibits to the transcript is done in the court reporter’s office.  One can also copy the searchable pdf exhibits from all of the depositions in a case into a folder and search the entire exhibit set, for instance, loading all exhibits in the case allows for searching of a name or date or incident across all of the exhibits.

Use of Synchronized Videotape Depositions

Synchronized videotape depositions utilize the ASCII file to link the text to the video file.  The tools available to manage the data-driven cases continue to evolve and improve in their ability to give the information-driven legal profession better tools to dissect and analyze the details of their case.

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    Court reporters’ files have gone from ASCII files, which were not write-protected, to the newer pdf file that is much more secure.  The pdf file is much easier to work with and is universal. Since it is not proprietary, they work on any computer with a pdf reader. The pdf reader allows one to read the pdf file without owning Adobe products.  One can download the pdf reader from Adobe without cost.  Gone are the CatLinks, DiscoveryZX days of paying for the ASCII file, converting it to proprietary software, yet even another additional cost, and utilizing case management software to manage the cases.  A quick Google search of the top 10 support packages of 2016 reveals AbacusLaw, MyCase, Legal Files, PracticePanther Legal Software, LexRex,  CosmoLex, Rocket Matter, action step, and Clio.

    Web-Based Processes in Litigation Support

    Web-based access has improved the access time for the discovery process.   The court reporter sends the file to our office, we scan, OCR, and link the exhibits.  OCR changes the bitmap file into a searchable file.  Optical character recognition is the process of photo scanning of the text character-by-character and then the translation of the character image into character codes, usually an ASCII file, making it searchable. Full litigation support company California.

    When we finish production of the deposition(s), we send our clients an email and thus cut down on the delay in utilizing snail mail or UPS, FedEx.  Our clients are notified by email immediately, saving at least a day or more.  All our clients have to do is log on and download the job – an added benefit is no charge for mail, UPS or FedEx.

    Full Litigation Support I California Deposition Reporters

    The web-based access to all files provides our clients with access to all of the files 24/7.  If our clients can’t locate their word list, deposition transcript, exhibit file just log in and download what is needed.  Of course, all of the files we utilize are seamlessly able to be imported into the many software programs used by law offices large and small.  The field of law office case management and law practice management is constantly expanding and changing.  Some of the more popular names are Summation, Live-Note, and Binder.

    Office Management Software

    Court Reporter office management software provides its own court reporter-based tools. This allows for the management of transcripts, exhibits, videos that are designed to work natively on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.  We have transcript packages that bundle transcripts with their related files.  Attorneys can view attached exhibits, videos, and other files in the context in a browser by just tapping on links.  In a browser, all bundled files are viewable.  In the mobile versions of Transcript packages, only meTranscripts are accessible.

    These files can be more productive for users.  The users can easily write and share comments on meTranscripts with colleagues, export their transcripts in full-size, condensed or AMICUS versions, customize the view of exported transcripts, email AMICUS versions to colleagues, export any attached word indexes or word lists, work on the same meTranscript across devices by syncing so their notes appear whether they are on their laptop, smartphone or tablet.

    File Conversion Assistance With Litigation Support

    Our litigation support company California also help with file conversions from .pst Outlook files to pdf files.  .pst files are Outlook email files and in larger cases, it is easier to manage the many emails in the pdf environment than trying to deal with all of these email files in Outlook.  We can also convert these pdf files to searchable files by OCR’ing them so they can be searched.

    Law offices occasionally get ASCII files that are not usable for one reason or another.  We can help with this in most cases by editing and/or fixing the ASCII file so they are able to be used.  We can convert ASCII files to AMICUS files for law firms needing the AMICUS file format.

    Of course, there are programs like RealLegal E-Tran files that law firms still utilize and we are able to convert the ASCII files to E-Transcript files, either the .ptx format or the not-so-often used. .exe files. The .exe files are infamous for being stopped by anti-virus software.

    Our Litigation Support

    Litigation support companies are a growing and ever-expanding constellation of services largely driven by the law practice needs of a law firm’s ever-expanding ability to manage data in an information-driven business.  Give us a call for any litigation support need.  We are glad to help in any way we can.

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    California Deposition Reporters is an owner-operated firm. Our experience includes a variety of venues. Our experience comes from many years of California court reporting experience as well as the deposition arena. We have served clients in a wide variety of professional negligence cases, product liability, and government bodies, such as The State of California Senate Energy Investigation. We have done a variety of complex litigation cases. Now covering Civil Trials.

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