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Great Court Reporters – What to Look For

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Choosing a Great Court Reporter

When searching for California Court Reporters, you want to make sure you hire qualified, reliable experts. Just because someone has a court reporting license doesn’t always mean they are an expert. An expert court reporter is not only skilled at transcribing, but they know what to look for and are able to ask for clarification in a testimony to ensure accuracy. Without an accurate transcript, the case could become compromised. You don’t want to lose your case over a poor transcript.

In addition to expertise, you need a court reporting service that practices transparency with their services and pricing. Due to the complicated nature of legal matters, it is essential that your California Court Reporters explain and describe exactly what you are paying for. Unfortunately, there are some companies out there who take advantage of their clients’ inexperience with legal proceedings and “pad” their billing practices with additional fees.

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Online Reviews

Finding good California Court Reporters might feel like a challenge. If you aren’t sure how to decide which company to hire, checking online reviews is a great place to start. When evaluating a company based on reviews, you want to look at the average. No matter how good a company may be, there are always people who refuse to be satisfied. These reviews are usually not representative of the quality of the company. However, if the number of negative reviews outweighs the positive ones, that is a real cause for concern.

If you have found a company, but still are concerned about certain negative comments, just ask them about it. A great way to alleviate your worries is to give the company an opportunity to address the negative review themselves. It is only fair to hear their side of the story before making a judgment. Wouldn’t you want that for your case? Also, you can determine if they are the type of company that takes responsibility for their actions, or if they are just interested in making excuses. 

If they insult or put down the person who left a negative review, or exhibit arrogance, that may be a red flag. You want a company that puts its customers first and takes ownership of their mistakes. Even if the incident was the result of a misunderstanding and “wasn’t their fault”, that doesn’t mean steps couldn’t have been taken to prevent an unwanted outcome. Companies who are only interested in defending themselves are probably not the kind of people you want to work with.

Customers Love our Court Reporters in California

An easy choice for California Court Reporters is our company, California Deposition Reporters.

California Deposition Reporters in Stockton has been helping clients for decades. We have customers who have used our services for over 25 years. They love us for our competence, friendliness, and timeliness. We strive to deliver quality results as quickly as possible. Court cases take long enough as it is, we don’t want to make it take even longer. Our service is reasonably priced and we work to accommodate any requests, even on short notice. 

Here are a few testimonials from our valued clients:

I use California Deposition Reporters routinely for depositions and court appearances. CDR’s reporters are prompt, accurate, and professional. Even on extremely short notice, or when a prompt turnaround was required, CDR has always been there for me and has done an exemplary job.

— Michael R. Tener – Attorney at Law, “ Neumiller & Beardslee “

I have had the privilege of using California Deposition Reporters for over 20 years. They are extremely professional, reliable, punctual, and deliver the transcripts whenever and however you want. CDR is the most technologically savvy court reporting firm that I have ever seen. But even better, they deliver the product the way it works best for you — electronic, paper, pdf, e-transcript.

— James R. Walsh – Attorney at Law, “ Walsh Law Firm “

I recently had a deposition of my physician expert where the opposing counsel’s office forgot to schedule a reporter. Rather than reschedule with the doctor waiting I called CDR and CDR had a reporter there in half an hour. Opposing counsel, I and the doctor were very happy. If there is a need for a transcript on a rush basis or any other problem CDR works hard to get it done. I highly recommend CDR.

— Mark V. Connolly – Attorney at Law, “ Law Offices of Mark V. Connolly “

My Firm has been using California Deposition Reporters for a few years now in the San Joaquin and Sacramento areas. They are simply fantastic! Megan is the office manager there and runs the operation like a fine-tooth comb. One of the best things I appreciate is how accurate their estimates of completion. There has not been one occasion in the last few years where I had to follow up because they did not get me the transcripts in the time they advised. On several occasions, I needed the transcripts within 48 hours and Megan Green makes sure it gets done. As long as Megan Green is steering the ship, my firm will continue to do business with California Deposition Reporters.

— Tracy Fritch-Thym – Associate Attorney, “Gurnee Mason Rushford Bonotto Forestiere, LLP”

California Deposition Reporters, The Clear Choice for Court Reporting and More

Court Reporting Services

California Deposition Reporters is an owner-operated firm. Our experience includes a variety of venues. This is a result of many years of court experience as well as the deposition arena. Our company has served clients in a wide variety of professional negligence cases, product liability, and government bodies, such as The State of California Senate Energy Investigation. We have done a variety of complex litigation cases and are now covering Civil Trials.

We offer many services to the legal community such as on-site professional staff. Faxing and photocopy services, record production, Internet scheduling of depositions, document depositories, videotape depositions, real-time reporting, document scanning.

We are an authorized reseller of RealLegal products; E-transcript, Binder, Publisher. California Deposition Reporters is headquartered in Stockton, California with offices in Tracy, California. We serve the Central Valley cities to include Auburn, Stockton, Tracy, Manteca, Lodi, Modesto, Sacramento, and the Dublin, Livermore, and Pleasanton areas and beyond.

Court Reporting with Customer Focus

We pride ourselves by providing our reporters all of the information available to us prior to the start of a job, providing word lists, and maintaining case files on all depositions in our management of the depositions in larger cases.

California Deposition Reporters work well with other competing firms to facilitate the sharing of information in order to provide the attorneys with a transparent sharing of word lists, which ultimately assists counsel with a consistent product, even assisting the official reporter by providing a word list for the official reporter for the trial.

We offer on-line access to our reporters and clients for all of their needs. Clients can go on-line and schedule depositions, check on the status of their invoices, retrieve transcripts. Our reporters have the ability to have access on-line to our calendar and the information that assists them in producing consistent high-quality transcripts. Please contact us if you desire further information or would like to join our online community of clients.

Our complimentary conference rooms have a serene view of Quail Lakes in Stockton Our experienced staff of reporters prides themselves in providing professional services and we maintain a can-do philosophy in seeing to it that your needs are met. We’re here 24/7. Contact us today!


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