Reasons To Hire Our Court Reporters

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When it comes to hiring a court reporter, we understand you want someone who has the best qualities to get the job done. You want a professional that can handle the difficult task of transcribing real-time information. Sure, court reporting may look simple to the naked eye, but our clients realize it is actually hard work. We know you need an experienced professional who can do the best work in your corner. Let’s get into the qualities and the small reasons to hire our court reporters to do your legal services.

1. We Are Licensed

We believe this is self-explanatory. Our court reporters are licensed in the state of California and must be certified through the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). It is a must that we go through the rigorous process of learning the skills for what it takes to report every detail that goes through your court hearings and other duties. Of course, before you do hire a court reporter, always make sure that you contact the Calfornia Association to determine if a court reporter is licensed. hire our court reporters

2. We Maintain A Fast Typing-Speed

It is known fact the court reporters type really fast. If you can imagine when someone is stating their case in court, you know you will need a professional who can pick up words at a moments notice and have it typed up quickly with hardly any mistakes. When it comes to typing speed, our court reporters must maintain a minimum of 200 words per minute (wpm) and all of our court reporters at California Deposition Reporters maintain typing speeds between 200 and 250 words per minute (wpm).

3. We Specialize In Different Areas

Our court reporters specialize in different areas. We have court reporters that mainly focus on deposition services, from other reporters that focus on business meetings. When you’re working with us, you want our court reporters to be qualified and have many years of experience in their specialized field.

4. We Use The Latest Technology

We all know that technology that we possess today improves exponentially and it can take someone months and even years to understand it if there are not continuously learning. With our court reporters, we are always in touch with what is going on with the latest software. It is our goal to always train and to always educate our court reporters from video text synchronization to real-time reporting and using the technology that comes with court reporting which will help our professionals to become even more efficient in their work.

5. We Are Professionals

We have said previously that court reporters need to be professional, but we believe it has to be stated again. We always want our reporters to be proud of the role, to do the best job that they can do for their clients. We believe that if we have our court reporters do a great job, they will feel a sense of pride and confidence in the work.


At California Deposition Reporters, our reporters have the skills and qualities to handle any tasks you throw at them. We do our best to take care of all of your deposition services and transcript needs.


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