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Secure Online Office, Scheduling and Document Repository

Online Deposition

The Cal Dep Difference

  • Experienced Realtime Court Reporters
  • Last Minute Scheduling
  • Secure Online Office, Scheduling and Document Repository
  • Personal service that meets or exceeds our clients’ needs.
  • Our best assets are our clients. Our mission is to provide professional services that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • We believe the difference between the competition and Cal Dep are the court reporters we work with. Their personal commitment to excellence is unparalleled.
  • The professionalism and congeniality the office provides clients is yet another reason to choose Cal Dep.

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California Deposition Reporters is an owner-operated firm. Our experience includes a variety of venues. Our experience comes from many years of California court reporting experience as well as the deposition arena. We have served clients in a wide variety of professional negligence cases, product liability and government bodies, such as The State of California Senate Energy Investigation. We have done a variety of complex litigation cases. Now covering Civil Trials.

Secure Online Office, Scheduling and Document Repository

In an information-driven profession, the right online deposition can make all the difference.

The legal profession is perhaps the epitome of an information-driven business so it only makes sense that to ensure success and profitability that we are constantly looking for ways to improve how we handle information, speeding up the time it takes to make requests, get answers and move information along.

We offer our clients, in addition to our court reporting services, an online deposition office that makes access to information more efficient and reduces your costs, helping our clients to be more responsive to their own clients, giving your information a performance tune-up with the quick response of an online office.

Having an online deposition office is like having our staff down the hall so that our clients can quickly make requests, get answers (including transcripts, document repository, reporters, videographers and interpreters) whenever needed.

Our online deposition office, briefly, includes six areas:

  1. Job Calendar, which displays our clients current and past schedule as a searchable list or monthly calendar.
  2. Smart Online Order Forms, which make online requests simple to utilize because our clients only enter new information; the online forms remember everything else.  Requests appear on your job calendar when you submit them.
  3. Billing Information, which includes your payment history, outstanding balances and detailed invoices.  Our clients can pay your invoices online.
  4. Case Document Repository, for sharing case-related files with co-counsel and anyone else helping our clients manage cases.
  5. Transcript-Only Repository for quick access to downloadable PDF transcripts of completed depositions.
  6. Transcript Packages, for viewing, highlighting and commenting on transcripts.  Additionally, our clients can view related exhibits, video and other files by clicking their links and print or export transcripts in several formats.

With this kind of immediate access, our clients information is no longer “stuck in traffic,” so our clients can make decisions quicker, respond to their client requests faster and get to work sooner.  Our clients can minimize miscommunications and out-of-pocket expenses, stay on top of things.

Why Come To CalDep for Online Deposition?

Access information quickly and efficiently. All that is needed to use the online office is access to the Internet so not being restricted by office hours or location.  There will be have immediate, any time access to your latest information in a simple-to-use environment.

Convenient. Whenever our clients want, our clients can use the online office to:

Send requests anytime, anywhere our clients have Internet access.  Whether it’s on a desktop, a laptop, tablet or another computer, all that is needed is the current version of Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox running on Windows or Firefox, Chrome or Safari running on Mac.  There’s nothing extra to install.

View transcripts and case files on a laptop when working from home or traveling, instead of bringing bulky paper copies.  Print them out only when hard copies are needed.

Get immediate answers about scheduling or invoices on a BlackBerry, web-enabled cell phone, laptop, tablet or desktop anytime, not only when we’re open or when we can send them. Lost on the way to a scheduled job, one click in the job’s detail screen can get Google Maps directions.

Current. Our clients online are connected directly to our in-house data.  As soon as something is entered into our system, our clients can access it online.  That includes:

Your newly requested (pending) and scheduled jobs,

  • Our clients latest payment
  • Any outstanding balances
  • A transcript that was ordered
  • Other case-related files.

Immediate. Because our clients online office is directly connected to our office, it responds quickly.  For example:

As soon a request is sent in, our clients receive an automatic email acknowledgement and it posts to our clients calendar so you know the request went through and we received it. Our clients never have to wait for an answer. If our clients are working on a big case and want to check every day to see how many jobs are scheduled on that case, our clients don’t have to call and then wait for us to compile that information and reply. Our clients can do a search of their online calendar and have an answer instantly. If our clients are waiting for a transcript, our clients don’t have to check their online office to see if it’s there yet. As soon as we upload a transcript to our clients’ repository, our clients receive an automatic email that it’s there.

Simple to use. Our clients don’t need any special training to use their online office. The self-explanatory buttons and text fields make it intuitive to find whatever our clients are looking for. Plus:

Month-at-a-glance calendars make it easy to see a month’s worth of jobs or just the jobs for a particular case.

Online help is available from every screen.

There’s no special application to install or learn. If our clients are already using the internet, our clients are ready. Try our Apple app, CALDEP – download it from the app store.

Smart on-line order forms eliminate re-keying information so our clients can quickly make requests and minimize typos.

Save time and reduce errors. Having tried to request reporters online before and stopped due to the burdensome and slow process, then try our smart order forms. Smart forms save time and reduce errors because:

  • They re-use information entered for a previous request, so only need to enter new information.
  • Our clients can send attachments, such as notices.
  • Nothing gets lost in translation with our document repository, like it happens with phone, fax or email requests.
  • Our clients can change or cancel jobs quickly online with our online deposition services.

Our clients can create multiple requests automatically for recurring requests. Just choose a date range and the days of the week desired and the smart form generates requests for all of the days that fit the request.

More Benefits To Online Deposition

Stay organized with Our Document Repository. Work smarter, not harder, with an online office where the job calendar, financials, transcripts, and case files are all in one location for quick access, for example:

If a case finally goes to trial months after deposition was taken, our clients don’t have to search their office for the transcript or wait for us to compile and send another copy, just view it online or download it from the online office. Save space around the office – stop filing paper copies of transcripts or other information that can now reside in the online office. Print out copies only when needed. With our job calendar, our clients can check to see if the settings for the requests are correct. Our clients can also check for jobs canceled or rescheduled per our client’s request. No last-minute scheduling problems or unexpected billing charges caused by miscommunications about scheduling.

Reduce costs. Improving the efficiency of the online office will save money. Just think: Fewer paper transcripts mean fewer delivery charges.

With automatic online availability in our document repository, our clients can start working with transcripts ASAP and reduce rush charges. Our online case depository is an inexpensive alternative to other litigation document management solutions. Forget about having to make long-distance calls when out of town and just need some answers.

No waiting for statements anymore, can review invoices online and pay them before they become overdue (can even pay online). No more service charges.

Reduced costs for our clients means our clients can pass the savings along to their clients.

Add value to our client’s services. In addition to reducing the cost of doing business, the online office makes our clients more responsive to their clients, reducing the time it takes to get answers. But can also be proactive in meeting the needs of large clients like insurers and corporations by having us set up their own online offices so they can review job invoices and download transcripts, too.

Keep info safe and confidential. If all of the accessibility seems too good to be true, don’t worry. We take the security and confidentiality of our client’s information very seriously. Our client’s information resides safely on our server, not on our client’s office computer or laptop, so there’s no worry about adding extra safeguards to our client’s current system. Our client’s online office is accessible only by our client’s user ID and password. No one else can access it.

No risk, no obligation.

Take the online office for a test drive today, and if you prefer not to use the website, just call us instead to schedule jobs, answer questions and send copies of transcripts. Because, like a car company with different models to suit different personalities, we offer a variety of services to match any firm’s requirements.

So whether you’re looking for a performance model, or something more classic, we’ve got the vehicle our client’s information should be driving with our online deposition services.

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