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California Deposition Reporters is an owner-operated firm. Our experience includes a variety of venues. Our experience comes from many years of California court reporting experience as well as the deposition arena. We have served clients in a wide variety of professional negligence cases, product liability and government bodies, such as The State of California Senate Energy Investigation. We have done a variety of complex litigation cases. Now covering Civil Trials.

Video and Web Conferencing

Web and Video conferencing are changing the way attorneys are able to participate in the deposition process without having to travel. Innovation leads our Sacramento Legal Services.  The technology involved has evolved and continues to do so allowing attorneys, clients, adjusters, witnesses to attend depositions remotely from any place there is an internet connection.  The increasingly complex technology required to deliver these services continues to improve along with the improved security.  Our office utilizes Remote Counsel to manage the complexities of both web and video conferencing.  Remote Counsel is the only universal platform to remotely and securely participate in depositions.

Sacramento Legal Services | Video and Web Conferencing runs with a browser, so internet speeds and quality can vary quite a bit.  The dedicated video conferencing equipment has a much larger pipe to transmit the video and audio through and thus the quality of the dedicated systems can be much better.  The dedicated systems connect via an IP address that you simply dial from your address book through the software interface.  Another connection method is dedicated ISDN lines, usually six.  The newer browser-based video conferencing has improved with the ability to manage data with software and a smaller bandwidth.

HD video conferencing is just like being there.  Our clients can also stream the video conference to locations off-site.  Our clients can view or participate from any device, including computers, phones, tablets and room systems in high-definition.

Our clients can view and annotate real-time text in a browser or output to any case management software. Our clients can also access the rough transcript with annotations from the events online at any time.

Our clients can securely group or private chat with anyone on our clients’ trial team, including experts, consultants, insurance adjusters or clients that cannot attend the deposition.

Exhibits can be shown, annotated, and highlighted during the deposition in realtime, no upload necessary.

Our clients can link participants together who are on a variety of devices, for instance, they can be in the video conference room or on a computer, smartphone or a tablet in high-definition.  We can simultaneously record the video conference direct to a DVD during the video conference or through Remote Counsel’s software | Sacramento Legal Services

The ability to utilize usage logs showing who is connected, including the court reporter, is available 24/7 during the event or days after.

There are basically two types of video and web conferencing systems.

The system we utilize is called a dedicated system.  This system has all of the pieces of equipment necessary to conduct the video conference.  The camera(s) can pan left and right, up and down or they can also zoom in.  This type of camera is known as a PTZ camera.  The combination of equipment is utilized in a piece of furniture, not unlike a home theater console that houses all of the component parts and contains all of the interfaces, a computer, the dedicated video conference hardware-based codec.

On the conference table is a conference microphone that is connected to the system and of course, no video conference system would function without a large TV display and speaker system.  Video conference equipment varies in size from the large video conference, non-portable in-office system and the larger and more expensive equipment used in large rooms or auditoriums, institutional video conferencing or in larger classrooms utilized for long-distance teaching | Sacramento Legal Services

There is smaller-sized video conferencing equipment that is still not portable, but it is small and less expensive and is primarily used for smaller meeting rooms – much like court reporters have in their offices, as an example.

There are also roll-around video and web conferencing systems that are self-contained on a cart and can be moved from room to room to accommodate smaller office video conferencing needs, such as between satellite offices to allow collaboration among offices.

Additionally, there are desktop systems that are utilized (hardware or software codec) to PCs and laptops making them video conferencing devices.  There are a range of different cameras and microphones that can be used with the codec, which has the codec and transmission interfaces.  Desktop systems work with the H.323 standard.  Web/video conferencing is dependent on the internet connection and the stability of the internet can sometimes present connectivity issues for web-based video conferencing over which one has very little control.   Latency with the web-based video conference systems can manifest itself with the audio not being synced to the video, thus creating an unnatural and distracting situation.  Remote Counsel has taken the lead on web conferencing and has been very effective in bringing web-based video conferencing to a new level of quality.

Our new web-based video conferencing allows us to provide full HD capability with lower bandwidth.  We can bridge a variety of endpoint types into a call, including IP and ISDN video conferencing systems, computers and mobile devices.  This allows our clients to view their deposition with an improved video layout and interface.

The ease of use is proof positive as it is supported in more browsers, tablets and mobile devices.  It works simply from a link or invitation from the host.  Our clients can share documents with just two clicks and annotate shared docs in order to draw attention to salient points.  All this is done securely through standard AES end-to-end encryption with Cameo II.

Interviews of prospective job candidates is another good use of video conferencing, allowing prospective employers to consider applicants for job positions and eliminating the travel to and from for the parties | Sacramento Legal Services

Hearing officers from remote locations can interview witnesses for a variety of government offices, DMV hearings, disciplinary hearings where an out-of-state witness can attend via the video conference allowing the information to be gathered without the necessity of travel.

The collaboration of individuals on group projects is accommodated via video conferencing.  Educational institutions can utilize video conferencing as a teaching tool.  The medical field’s use of video conferencing is an invaluable tool in the ability to teach and reach patients or doctors from anywhere utilizing their own dedicated videoconferencing equipment. You can also view a full list of all the California Court Reporting Services we offer, or view some of the latest court reporting news here.


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